The library, and step on it!

Well, I’m off for a short holiday in the UK! I’ll be visiting Nottingham and Liverpool for about ten days, so there will be no updates and I probably won’t be answering messages either.

See you all when I get back!

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The Official Blog of Brilliance launch has been delayed ever so slightly because I am an idiot. I somehow managed to screw up the lay-out and now my IT-savvy friend has to put it all back to the way it was.

Today’s lesson: I should just stick to writing and leave IT things to people who actually know how websites work.

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In response to some of your comments:

Yes, I think that Wilfred Owen had a massive crush on Sassoon at the very least (i mean, come on), but since we don’t know if anything actually happened between the two, I’d still call their relationship a friendship.

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I am just thrilled that the Persephone Books post is doing so well (over 12,000 notes as of today!), they really deserve the publicity.

Do you think they’d send me a gift certificate for my troubles

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I have a question for my British followers:

I’m going to visit Liverpool and Nottingham this summer (I’ve got relatives there) and I was wondering if there are any literary sights I should see. Museums, book shops, anything else I might be interested in, I’m open to suggestions!

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I’ve been so busy working on my second thesis and the Official Blog of Brilliance that I haven’t had the time to actually sit down and read in a long time.

I don’t like it.

(The Offical Blog of Brilliance is very nearly almost ready to be launched though, so that’s good! Bear with me!)

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In case you’re wondering why I haven’t posted a lot these past few days, I’ve been working on thesis #2 (on teaching Shakespeare to teenagers who are learning English as a second language).

I’m also transferring old blog posts from this Tumblr to the Official Blog of Brilliance. Once we’ve got the fonts sorted out and I have filled it up with a bit of content, it’s ready to be launched!

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In other news, one of my posts has over 10,000 notes!

Does this mean I’m Tumblr famous now

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I know there haven’t been any new Literary Theory 101 posts in a while, but I’ve been saving those up for when the Official Blog of Brilliance is online, which should be very soon.

However, I will take requests for future posts in the comments below.

Any theories/movements/critics I should discuss?

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I just.

You guys.


(Your eloquent blogger, ladies and gentlemen.)

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