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March Book Photo Challenge: Freebie (Mar. 30)

Terry Pratchett’s Death series from the Discworld Collection:

  • Mort
  • Reaper Man
  • Soul Music
  • Hogfather

thegoddessofthorns said: Absolute favourite covers, the pictures don’t do them justice either

Ugh I know.

I must’ve taken at least twenty pictures of my set before giving up and posting the ones I liked best.

Take it from me internet, they are so shiny.

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Anonymous asked: "where did you get the f scott fitzgerald book covers or whatever those are.. what are they? sorry I'm just really curious.... like the shiny super pretty ones you bought every time you got a good mark?"

The cover design is by Carolie Bickford-Smith, they were published by Penguin, and they’re all available on Amazon except for Tales of the Jazz Age. With a bit of Googling you should be able to track that one down as well. 

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To mark the centenary of the First World War, Vintage is launching a unique collection of war fiction. April 2014 will see the publication of twelve works by the greatest writers of the last century, each tackling this most powerful and universal of subjects.

The series was a collaborative effort by the Vintage Design team. Each cover was designed and hand-painted in-house, with the aim of giving a bold, contemporary look to these war-themed classics.