The library, and step on it!

hurrayforthemadness asked: "Words cannot begin to describe how happy it makes me to see Dear Joseph here on your blog. You've been an embodiment of good taste in literature for me, and he is only the most favorite and beloved author of mine through all space and time. It's more than poetry, if that makes sense, it's something that lies deep within your own heart, and when you read it, formed in such beautiful words, it makes you feel like there is someone, somewhere, in other time, that has the same thing inside."


Aahhh you wonderful person you come here.

I really wish I could read his work in Russian though (yet another language I want to learn!)! I really love what I’ve read so far, but I feel that maybe it is even better when you can hear the sounds as the poet intended them, you know?

Also, he wrote a poem about Odysseus! Odysseus!

Have I mentioned my undying love for Odysseus today? Because I do. Love him. A lot.

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